Winter Services

New Hampshire Winter Roofing Snow Removal

Commercial and Residential Roof-Top Snow Removal

Despite roof tops being pitched and designed to carry a substantial weight load, heavy and drifting snow and ice is never a good idea to leave untouched on your rooftop – a lesson all New Englanders were taught during the winter of 2014-2015. There is no set rule for how much snow your roof can handle mainly because every home is built, designed, and insulated differently. Roof tops that are older, have had problems in the past, or are flat should be more of a concern for snow accumulation. United Roofing & Remodeling LLC offers rooftop snow and ice removal during the winter months on a contractual, as needed, or emergency basis. We have the right experience, know how, and equipment to safely and quickly resolve your rooftop snow concerns.

Ice Dams

An ice dam is formed by water from melting snow on a rooftop that flows down the roof and freezes when the sun is no longer hitting it, creating large chunks and icicles over multiple days of melting and freezing. In worst cases, the ice can creep under the shingles and other roof materials causing leaks and damage to the interior of the building. Ice dams also pose a threat on the exterior as they can break off and fall at unpredictable times creating the risk of property damage or even personal injury to anyone in the area. The cause of ice dams can be traced back to the insulation and ventilation of the roof. United Roofing and Remodeling LLC offers ice dam removal as well as wintertime estimates for the possible need of roof repairs to be performed once the snow melts.

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